Roll Repair

Roll Repair

Mitchell Precision has over 40 years experience in high precision OD grinding, thermal spray coatings, hard chrome plating & electroless nickel plating while specializing in precision roll repair. High precision OD grinding capable of holding tolerances of .0001 per linear foot. We’re capable of repairing any diameter up to 96”. We offer a wide range of finishes from 32RMS (standard precision ground) to 00RMS mirror finish using different belts and finishing with suede belts wile holding tolerances.

All thermal spray is done to strict Military Standard Mil Std 1687-A and Mil Std 2138 All chrome plating and electroless nickel plating is done to strict Military Spec QQC-320B & Military Spec Mil-C-26074B Class A Grade 1

Do you need precision roll repair with hard chrome or thermal spray?

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Describe in detail the issues with your precision roll. Do you need hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, thermal spray coating? Are there any pits or physical damage that is visible? Is the OD worn, pitted, scarred, etc.? Describe your roll problems and our tech can determine the amount the scope of work needed to get your roll working like new and more importantly get you an accurate estimate with delivery times.

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Mitchell Precision will NEVER share or sell your contact information with anyone. All information and communications are strictly confidential. You will never get unsolicited calls or emails from us or any of our partners. We take privacy very seriously.

We can rebuild any roll to exceed OEM specs/tolerances for plating thickness, hardness, durability overall finish, etc. for maximum life and ease of maintenance.


We can service, rebuild and repair any size roll for the following industries:

●     Plastic & rubber

●     Plastic converting

●     Printing

●     Pulp & paper

●     Paper converting

●     Steel processing


●     Calendar rolls

●     Paint mixing

●     Leveling rolls

●     Cereal manufacturing

●     Sheet metal processing

●     Food processing

●     Mixing, blending of ink or pigments

●     Release coatings for plastic, glue, paper & film mfg.

●     Any roll up to 96" in diameter and up to 15'


High precision OD grinding capable of holding .0001 per linear TIR over 10' in length and .0002 up to 15'. We are capable of longer lengths will less tolerances.


A damaged or worn roll doesn't have to end up in the boneyard. Mitchell Precision can rebuild or recondition your precision roll to exceed OEM spec/tolerances at a fraction of the cost of replacement. No roll is scrap, save time and money with precision roll reconditioning and repair by Mitchell Precision.


Hard chrome plating for precision roll grinding repair to exact dimensions capable of 00 mirror finish. Electroless nickel plating for precision roll repair is more durable than conventional chrome and can also be polished to 00 mirror finish. We can apply any finish your roll requires, from standard 32 ground finish to 00 mirror finish. Any finish you need, we can apply.


Mitchell precision is a leader in thermal spray technology. We have over 20 different thermal spray coatings specifically designed for your industry. Mitchell Precision uses Military Standard Mil Std 1687-A and Mil Std 2138 for all thermal spray applications. All thermal spray coatings are guaranteed for absolute zero porosity and can be fully polished to a 5RMS finish or better. Chromium oxide, chromium carbide, tungsten carbide, pure carbide, aluminum oxide, hardfacing, hastalloy are just a few of the thermal spray coatings we can apply. Thermal spray coatings for release of plastic, glue, etc. Heat transfer, heat resistance, corrosion or erosion resistant alloys, whatever the application, we have the right thermal spray to solve your problems.


Worn or spun bearing journal on your precision roll repair? No problem. We can weld oversize and precision grind to exact size using hard facing alloy or grind, chrome plate and grind to exact dimensions in 24/48 hours.


Snapped or broken the journal on your precision roll repair? Easy fix! We drill and bore out a hole dead center and go 12 to 18" deep into the center of the roll. We make a new shaft oversize and shrink the new oversize shaft in liquid nitrogen and "shrink fit" it into place. Its cross drilled and pinned in place, then welded. We indicate off the roll face and machine & grind the oversize shaft to exact dimensions. This is backed by a 18 month warranty.


What will it cost me for precision roll repair grinding? We'll need to know the application of the roll, whether it's pitted, scarred or just worn. We need to know the OD, overall length and dimensions of the journals. Do you want hard chrome, nickel, thermal spray and the desired finish required. We can get you an estimate right over the phone and follow up with email and fax.


How long will it take to repair my roll? With the information you provided above, we can give you a timeline of delivery. Need your roll repair in a hurry? Let your tech know this is a "Red Ticket Expedite" service and we can work 3 shifts, 7 days a week including holidays to get your roll repair done in just a few days.


Does precision roll grinding come with any warranty? Absolutely! We offer a warranty of 6 to 18 months. The application and coating you choose will come with different levels of warranty. Contact us for more information. All roll repairs are done to exceed OEM specs/tolerances for precision size, finish, thickness of coating and ease of maintenance.


Nationwide pickup and delivery for any size precision roll grinding. Don't have a crate? We have several contractors all over North America that specialize in industrial packaging and crating. We can have a crew at your facility custom build and foam insulate your roll and ship it to our facility. Leave the logistics and crating to us and we'll get it here ASAP.


Emergency roll repair service, get your rolls repaired on your schedule. We're capable of running 3 shifts, 7 days a week, including holidays to finish your roll repair ASAP.


Mitchell Precision has an advantage over other roll grinding companies. We perform all OD grinding, machining, thermal spray, hard chrome plating, nickel plating and polishing in house. No subcontractors means faster delivery amd lower pricing.


Please click the links and feel free to call us with any questions. You'll speak directly to a plastics processing technician who can give you an estimate on cost right over the phone. Nationwide same day pickup is available on any size project!

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Keep in mind, we are a used equipment dealer. We buy any and all used machinery working or not. We'll buy your old molds (certificate of destruction and photos supplied) old dies, spare parts, complete lines. Fleet vehicles, forklifts, old gearboxes, we buy anything and everything. Call us with your list or provide photos and let's work out a deal to clean your yard.

Mitchell Precision will NEVER share or sell your contact information with anyone. All information and communications are strictly confidential. You will never get unsolicited calls or emails from us or any of our partners. We take privacy very seriously. We will never have a company call you as a reference for the quality of our past work. We keep all your work, processes, costs, information private. We’ll never reveal your equipment repair to your competitors.