Melt Pumps

Melt Pumps

We are extrusion melt pump repair experts. We are a complete machine shop with over 40 years of experience and can duplicate any gears, perform high precision ID grinding, hard chrome plating, Faro Tech 3D scanning, 4th & 5th axis CNC and much more. We’ve done hundreds of melt pump repair services where we install replacement gears and precision ID grind the housing and apply a layer of hard chrome for added protection and durability.

Having problems with your extrusion melt pumps? We can offer a complete rebuild to get your melt pump for plastic extrusion to work like new. We manufacture new high precision ground tooth gears to AGMA Q15 tolerances from D2 tool steel that are through hardened with heat treat process that exceed the OEM specs/tolerances for hardness, polish finish, mating, heat resistance with tighter sizes. We guarantee our extrusion melt pumps for 6500PSI with process temperatures exceeding 950 degrees F.

We manufacture high precision ground tooth gears to AGMA Q15 specs, the highest standard available. Ground tooth gears mate better, last longer and perform better than traditional machine cut teeth. We chrome plate all bearing surfaces with .004 of hard chrome for a stronger more durable bearing surface that will resist wear, scars and will be easier to maintain. The ID of your housing is precision jig ground and hard chrome plated with .004 of industrial hard chrome and then polished to a mirror finish. This provides an easier surface to clean and hard chrome resists pitting, wear, etc. better than the standard base material. The end result is an extrusion gear melt pump that will exceed OEM guidelines in every way and outlast a new replacement.

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Melt pump for plastic extrusion experts that give the absolute best warranty in the industry. We guarantee all of our melt pumps for extrusion to work like new for one full year. Damage the teeth, housing, bearings, etc. and it’s all covered. Including labor. Your extrusion melt pump repair will work like new for one full year or it’s repaired with replacement parts, free of charge.


We rebuild your extrusion gear pump housing using high precision ID grinding, then apply hard chrome plating or electroless nickel plating to the ID housing to bring it to original size.


We manufacture brand new gears and shafts from D2 tool steel that is through hardened and ground to exact size. High precision ground tooth gears are cut to exact dimensions (helical, spur or herringbone) with tighter tolerances, harder material than OEM guidelines. We apply a mirror finish to all parts that come into contact with plastic for easier cleaning and maintenance. Our melt pump repair service will outperform and outlast a brand new unit.


Gear pump for extrusion applications are very crucial to eliminate surges of your extrusion screw. It reduces back pressure and increases the overall output for the entire extrusion line. Melt pump failure will cause your extrusion line to limp and could possible damage other equipment.


What usually goes wrong with gear pump for extrusion applications? The housing wears and the gear teeth wear. Replacing the gears & shafts with an upgraded set installed into a repaired housing will last for a long time and save you 50/70% from buying new. Simple bearing changes will cost less than a replacement set of gears. Cost is determined by the amount work needed.


Do you give melt pump for plastic extrusion any warranty? Yes, all extrusion gear pump repair comes with a 12 month warranty covering all materials, parts & labor.


How long will my extrusion melt pump repair take? Call us with the make and model number. We'll need to know whether its helical, spur or herringbone gears and whether the housing is pitted or scored and describe in detail why you are sending your melt pump repair to us. Stuck gears, spun gears, worn housing, pitted, etc. Normal repair is 5 to 7 days and "Red Ticket Expedite Service" can get your pump delivered in 48 to 72 hours. We're capable of working 3 shifts including weekends and holidays.


How much does melt pump repair for plastic extrusion cost? Typical savings are 50/70% of buying new. Let your technician know the approximate diameter of your gears and whether it's spur, helical or herringbone gear set. We'll get you an estimate right over the phone and follow up with email and fax.


Don't buy a used extrusion melt pump from a used equipment dealer unless they will offer you a money back guarantee within one week in writing. They always claim that their extrusion melt pump is repaired and tested, but we’ve repaired hundreds of melt pumps for used equipment dealers and they always demand the absolute minimum repair, very rarely opting for replacement gears or housing grinding. If the dealer will give you a money back, written warranty, send the pump directly to us and we’ll do a complete test and examine all parts free of any charge. If it passes inspection, we’ll send it back to you. If it doesn’t pass inspection, we’ll notify you of all problems and you can make your decision to purchase it or we can send it back to the dealer. We will provide this service to you free of charge.


Please click the links and feel free to call us with any questions. You'll speak directly to a plastics processing technician who can give you an estimate on cost right over the phone. Nationwide same day pickup is available on any size project!

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