Injection Screw

Injection Screw

We are injection screw repair experts. Mitchell Precision has over 40 years of experience with injection molding screw repair. Any make, any model, any size injection screw can be repaired to work like new. From cleaning, polishing, chroming to complete screw rebuilds, we can get you back in production faster than any of our competitors with a better warranty.

We are a complete machine shop with hard facing, precision OD/ID grinding, side grinding/trimming, hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, nitride coating, mirror finish polishing and we can repair any injection screw to work like new. All injection screw repair or rebuild services come with a 6, 12 and 18 month warranty covering all welding, plating, wear, etc. Your injection screw repair will work like new or it’s repaired free of charge.

Broken tip with stub stuck in the threads of screw? Need cleaning and polishing or re-plating? No problem, we deliver on your schedule. Injection screw cleaning & polishing can be done in 24/48 hours.

All injection molding screw repair is done to exceed OEM specs/tolerance for plating thickness, polish finish, overall strength for a longer lasting rebuild that comes with a full warranty covering chrome, hard facing, OD wear, root diameter wear, etc. Your injection screw rebuild will work like new and last longer.

Do you need injection screw repair or plating, cleaning, polishing?

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Mitchell Precision will NEVER share or sell your contact information with anyone. All information and communications are strictly confidential. You will never get unsolicited calls or emails from us or any of our partners. We take privacy very seriously.

What will my injection screw repair cost? Call us with the make & model of your injection screw. Let us know how many flights and the OD along with overall length. Is there damage to root diameter like pits or scars? Is there a mixer or mixing pins? Give us as much detail on your injection screw repair as possible and our tech will give you an estimate right over the phone and follow up with an email or fax. Got a quote from another vendor? We’ll slash their price by 20% while delivering faster with a stronger warranty.


How long will my injection screw repair take? Depending on the amount of damage to root diameter and whether it has a mixer, typical delivery time is under two weeks. Diameter, length and amount of plastic can determine delivery time. Expedite services, 3 shifts, weekends and holidays are always available.


Does injection screw repair come with a warranty?  Yes, one full year from date of installation. Our injection screws surpass OEM guidelines for strength, plating thickness, durability, polished finish etc. Your injection screw and barrel will perform like new.


Mitchell Precision has an advantage over other repair facilities. We do all work in house. Chrome plating, nickel plating, polishing, precision OD grinding, welding and hardfacing, etc. No subcontractors means faster delivery times on your injection molding screw & barrel repair and cheaper prices.


Typical injection screw repair process:


1: Complete cleaning and stripping of all chrome or nitride coatings to prep for inspection and precision measurement.

2: Measure OD of each individual flight to determine the amount of wear with inspection of root diameter, mixer size/depth, inspect mixing pins if any exist. Check for straightness.

3: Precision OD grind all hard facing off for fresh layer of material and prep your injection screw for repair.

4: Repair root diameter and blend in. No pits, zits, pin holes, your root diameter will be absolute perfection. We apply a 8RMS finish at this step.

5: Apply Hastalloy, C56 or other hard facing  (5 different materials available) to the OD of all flights, building up passed original size.

6: Precision side grind excess welding from flights (flight trimming). Basically trim the excess hard facing from your injection screw flights for a perfectly smooth transition, free of any pin holes, pits, damage, etc. Dye penetrant is used to check for pin holes, cracks, etc.

7: Mirror finish polish the entire injection screw to a 8RMS finish and prep for plating or nitride coating.

8: We can either hard chrome plate, electroless nickel plate or coat with nitride your entire screw and buff to a 4/5RMS mirror finish. Military Spec QQC-320B & Military Spec Mil-C-26074B Class A Grade 1. For the ultimate protection in harsh environments we suggest CEB coating (chrome over electroless nickel, baked on at 475F for 4 hours). For the longest lasting coating in harsh environments, we suggest CEB coatings (Chrome over Electroless nickel Baked) that will resist chipping, pitting, rust, etc.

9: Precision OD grind the flights, (including the mixer, pins at end if any exist) to your exact size. We’re capable of holding tolerances of +/- 0.0003 per linear foot accuracy.

10: injection screw repair is practically completed. We inspect all sizes, straightness, root diameter and prepare for final buffing and polishing.

11: Final inspection of all sizes and tolerances, final buffing to 4RMS mirror finish. Crating and foam insulation with metal banding and prep to ship to your dock.


The end result is an injection screw repair that will exceed OEM spec/tolerances and will perform like new. Fully guaranteed for one full year or more. Delivered in half the time of our competitors.


We either rebuild your injection screw to exact size or make it oversize to fit your current barrel. If it is built to size, your injection screw repair is fully interchangeable with any barrel. If it's built to a specific size, it's basically married to that barrel until the next rebuild. When we hone out a barrel to 100% clean up and build the injection screw repair to mate with the barrel, you’re saving a lot of money by bypassing a barrel relining which can cost thousands of dollars. Down side is, your injections screw is married to that barrel and built to that size.


We can also repair your injection screw tips with hard chrome, electroless nickel, nitride of PVD (physical vapor deposition) to make it work like new. Save over 50% from ordering a new tip with a 6 month warranty.


Please click the links and feel free to call us with any questions. You'll speak directly to a plastics processing technician who can give you an estimate on cost right over the phone. Nationwide same day pickup is available on any size project!

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Mitchell Precision will NEVER share or sell your contact information with anyone. All information and communications are strictly confidential. You will never get unsolicited calls or emails from us or any of our partners. We take privacy very seriously. We will never have a company call you as a reference for the quality of our past work. We keep all your work, processes, costs, information private. We’ll never reveal your equipment repair to your competitors.