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Who is Mitchell Precision?

Mitchell Precision is a complete machine shop that specializes in rebuilding and remanufacturing all equipment used in injection molding, extrusion and compression molding for the plastic and rubber industry. We have over 40 years of experience and all our work is covered by the best warranty in the industry. Our extensive machine shop has in house OD/ID grinding, chrome plating, FARO Tech 3D scanning, 4th & 5th axis CNC, conventional & NC machining and much more.

From complete machine rebuilding to single component repair, Mitchell Precision can save you 50% or more from ordering new and deliver in a fraction of the time of our competitors with longer warranty.

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Mitchell Precision

Why choose Mitchell Precision?

Why choose Mitchell Precision to rebuild your plastic or rubber processing equipment?

We offer faster delivery than our competitors. What takes other shops weeks, we can do in days. We’re a turnkey solution, from machine & grind to polish & chrome.

We can save you 50/70% or more from buying new replacements. Got a written quote from another shop? We'll slash their price by 20% with faster delivery and a stronger warranty.

We offer the best warranty in the industry. Our equipment is backed by 12, 24 and 48 month warranties covering all parts and labor.
Over 40 years of experience in the plastics & rubber processing industry.

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Injection Screw for Mitchell Precision
Injection Screw Repair: Worn flights, broken tips, cleaning and chrome plating, polishing or nitride coating. Damage to root diameter, or broken flights. Our competitors take 4 to 6 weeks, we slash their time in half or more.
Injection Screw Repair for Mitchell Precision
Injection Screw Tips: Why spend money on a new tip just because the chrome has burnt off? We can fully repair your worn tips to work like new and save you over 50% from buying new with a 6 to 12 month warranty. Fully polished and chrome plated to exceed OEM spec/tolerances.
Extruder Repair for Mitchell Precision
Extruder Repair: Worn flights, cleaning, polishing and chrome plating or nitride coatings. Damage to root diameter or broken flights. We get you back into production faster than our competitors. Check their delivery times first, then check ours. Cheaper, faster with a better warranty.
Used Machinery Buyer for Mitchell Precision
Used Machinery Buyer: We buy used machinery in any condition, working or not. Old fork lifts, fleet vehicles (working or not) machinery, complete lines, scrap pieces. Our goal is to clean out your yard and pay you for the equipment. Anything from spare parts to incomplete lines, old dies/molds, we buy it all!
Blown Film Die Repair for Mitchell Precision
Blown Film Die Repair: Die lines, carbon buildup, chips, cracks, pitting, replace sizing ring and pin. We offer the best warranty in the industry at 18 & 24 months from the install date. Chrome and electroless nickel plating available. Fast delivery with the best warranty the industry has to offer All plating is done to strict Military codes XXXXXXX
Sheet Die Repair for Mitchell Precision
Sheet Die Repair: From simple gap opening/closing to burnings & cleanings to complete rebuilds with industrial hard chrome done to military spec XXXXX or electroless nickel plating done to military spec XXXXXX or CEB (chrome, electroless nickle bake) coating done to military code XXXXXX with mirror finish polishing that comes with a 12 or 24 month warranty that starts from the install date.
Rotator Repair for Mitchell Precision
Rotator Repair: From single components like motors, bearings to compete rebuilds including repairing ports and complete testing. Upgrade your old unit to work like new. We extrude hone your ports to 100% cleanup and can either chrome, electroless nickel plate or CEB coating done to Military spec. All ports are fully guaranteed for 18 months against chipping, peeling, pitting, etc.
Roll Repair for Mitchell Precision
Roll Repair: Precision OD grinding capable of holding .0001 per foot. Hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating and 12 different Thermal spray applications with absolute zero porosity and can be polished to 00RMS mirror finish. Worn bearing surface repaired in 24/48 hours. Snapped bearing journal can be repaired with an 18 month warranty.
Calendar Roll Repair for Mitchell Precision
Calendar Roll Repair: From simple bearing journal repair, bearing replacement to complete precision OD grinding and chrome plating. We can restore your calendar rolls to perform like new while saving you 50 to 70% from buying a new set.
Gear Melt Pump Repair for Mitchell Precision
Melt Pump Repair: We manufacture AGMA Q15 high precision ground tooth gears and apply hard chrome or electroless nickel to your housing. Your melt pump will work like new with a warranty up to 12 months. Save 50% or more from buying new.
Molds and Dies for Mitchell Precision
Molds & Dies: 5th axis CNC machining, polishing, chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, modifications, repairs to pits, scratches, etc. Problems with adhesion, burning, pitting etc. can deliver in days, not weeks.
Gearbox and Speed Reducer for Mitchell Precision
Gearbox & Speed Reducer Repair: 4 year warranty covering all parts and labor. We manufacture brand new gears and shafts, upgrade bearings and seals to the highest level and we perform 4 separate 24 hour tests, sending out oil for analyzing and monitoring heat and vibration. We offer the absolute best warranty in the industry. Expedite service is available on all projects. We manufacture our own gears, high precision ground tooth gears to AGMA Q15 specs and traditional machine cut gears. Up to 96” in diameter with a 24” face.
Ball Screw Repair for Mitchell Precision
Ball Screw Repair: Injection molding units have large diameter ball screws that take 8 weeks to manufacture and cost thousands of dollars to replace. We can offer a complete rebuild with a 2 year warranty and save you 50/70% or more from ordering new.
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Injection Molding Machines for Mitchell Precision
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
injection molding machines and hydraulic press
: We offer large diameter precision OD grinding, up to 120" and can chrome plate or thermal spray the rod to 100% cleanup. Hone the barrel and install new seals with a 18 month warranty.
Toggle Assemblies for Mitchell Precision
Toggle Assemblies: Older machine using old style toggle/knuckle assembly? We can align bore each toggle and precision hone mating part to match. We install new bushings, new pins and provide spare parts free of charge. We also provide prints of bushings and pins.
Platens and Tie Bars for Mitchell Precision
Platens & Tie Bars: Keep snapping tie rods? The bushing in your moving platen are worn causing uneven pressure and movement. This can easily snap a rod or cause physical damage to the platen. We can precision line bore the corners to accept brand new bushings with lubrication grooves (extra bushings and prints available). We can also blanchard grind your stationary & moving platen perfectly parallel.
Recycling Equipment for Mitchell Precision
Recycling Equipment Repair: From grinder blades to shredders to Wortex, pelletizers & granulators. We can sharpen the blades or perform a complete rebuild on the entire unit to make it work like new. New grinder screen manufacturing for any make or size. Custom made to your exact granule size.
Electric Motor Repair for Mitchell Precision
Electric Motor Repair: Complete rebuild including rewinding, precision grinding and upgrading bearings and seals to highest level. One & two year warranty covering all parts and labor.
Converting Equipment Repair for Mitchell Precision
Converting Equipment Repair: From printing rolls repaired with thermal spray or chrome to sharpening slitter blades and anvil repair. Any and all equipment used in converting can be repaired in record time with a warranty.
Complete Machine Shop Facility for Mitchell Precision
Complete Machine Shop Facility: We perform OD & ID grinding, honing, align boring, hard chrome, electroless nickel, thermal spary all done to strict military code XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXX Faro Tech 3D scanning technology with 4th & 5th axis CNC, and much more. We are a turnkey repair facility. We do all repair work under one roof. No subcontractors means lover prices with faster delivery times!

Please click the links above and feel free to call us with any questions. You'll speak directly to a plastics processing technician who can give you an estimate on cost right over the phone. Nationwide same day pickup is available on any size project!

Keep in mind, we are a used equipment dealer. We buy any and all used machinery working or not. We'll buy your old molds (certificate of destruction and photos supplied) old dies, spare parts, complete lines. Fleet vehicles, forklifts, old gearboxes, we buy anything and everything. Call us with your list or provide photos and let's work out a deal to clean your yard.

Mitchell Precision will NEVER share or sell your contact information with anyone. All information and communications are strictly confidential. You will never get unsolicited calls or emails from us or any of our partners. We take privacy very seriously. We will never have a company call you as a reference for the quality of our past work. We keep all your work, processes, costs, information private. We’ll never reveal your equipment repair to your competitors.